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Anonymous Master List

Well, that’s it. Every single gift has been posted up now with the last being posted today: The Ghosts of Sirius’ Past. I know some of you may not have liked this gift but there was due to necessary shuffling around due to no showers.

I’ve now posted the anonymous master list with the final reveal list being posted on Sunday 9th September 2007. So take the opportunity to look at past gifts and leave comments (NICE constructive comments please). Once more, please don’t post your assignment publicly yet, not until you’ve seen the reveal list.


Anon wrote Make Love From War (Sirius/Harry) for pixystick

Anon wrote A Sad Parody of the Past (Sirus/Harry) for noticeably

Anon wrote 476 (Sirius/Remus) for madam_minnie

Anon wrote Impenetrable Bond (Sirius/Remus) for favorite_song

Anon wrote Gladly Give It (Sirius/Snape) for sake1_1

Anon wrote Three of Hearts (Sirius/Snape/Remus) for iheartbowie

Anon wrote The Old, The New, and The Old But Fairly New Again (Sirius/Remus) for caelbriar

Anon wrote Glaciers Melting in the Dead of Night (Sirius!gen) for the group.

Anon wrote Evil Has a New Name (Harry/?, Remus/?) for happi_feet

Anon wrote Where do we go from here (tell me) (Remus/Sirius) for 1124ever

Anon wrote It All Comes Down to the Moon (Sirus/Remus, Sirius/James) for nashfan

Anon wrote The Ghosts of Sirius’ Past (Sirius gen) for the entire group


Anon drew Now that I have you, I'm keeping you (Sirius/Remus) for loony4lupin

Anon drew Saving You (Sirius/Tonks/Kingsley) for the group

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