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siriusisnotdead's Journal

Fan fiction exchange for the (Dead) Sirius Black
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This is dedicated to the wonderful Sirius Black from the Harry Potter fandom. On 21st June 2003, the book "The Order of the Phoenix" was released and many fans were very very angry on the fate of Sirius Black.

So this community is a fan fiction exchange dedicated to being Sirius Black to life. You can request an AU in which the incident never happened or when Sirius is brought back to life. It can be dark, happy, naughty, involve any characters just as long as the main pairing is Sirius/?

Why Sirius Black?

Because J K Rowling did the unthinkable and "killed him off". Sirius Black was mentally unstable, arrogant and had other bad points but bloody hell, he was sexy! And all his negative aspects were part of his charm, right? And he could turn into a dog and he loved it which gives you all kinky thoughts of putting a collar and leash on him. PLUS, he was just plain cool (I mean, he has a flying motorbike for Merlin's sake) and we so wanted him to be seen as innocent and have his little happily ever after.

And, how can we forget that he is protrayed by the wonderfully talented (and very sexy) Gary Oldman. Need I say more, people?

The Rules

Fic-exchange rules:

1.All fiction must be at least 1,000 words long

2.All fiction must be emailed with the following header:

Any author notes (add dedications in here if you wish)

3.All fics must be e-mailed to your mod at ‘ecco1983 @ yahoo . com’ (just remove the spaces) by the end of the fest, dates below.

4.Do NOT post your fics in other communities or your personal journal until after the exchange has officially ended. This is an anonymous exchange – so try not to blow your own cover
5.It goes without saying, I’m sure, that you should try to respect the giftee’s wishes. If someone asks for something PG-13 or under, don’t give them smut – if someone says they hate Sirius/Hermione, don’t write it.

The siriusisnotdead rules

1.All fics/art must feature Sirius as a main character.

2.All fics/art must be somewhat related to the “incident” in OOTP. It doesn’t have to be a major factor. You can simply mention that he lived after the incident if you wish or you can focus it on him coming out of the Veil or whatever- all that matters is taht you mention that he survived that incident somehow. It’s up to you.

3.All pairings, ratings and genres are welcome, so please read the headers before reading. Please try to keep siriusisnotdead wank free. Readers – don’t read anything you know you won’t like. Writers – please list any warnings in the header.

4.Fics must be in proper English – that is to say, use slang as you will, but please no ‘net-speak’. We appreciate that typos happen in life, but please try to keep your fics as error free as possible. As a friend of mine is fond of saying – a beta is your friend.

Fic-exchange dates

All forms must be submitted by the 9th April 2007 (I may extend this)
The assignments will be sent out on the 16th April 2007 (before midnight GMT).
All fics/art will be required to be sent in by the 14th June 2007, so as to be ready for 21st June 2007 (which will be the 4th anniversary of the release of OOTP)

The sign up form can be found this post so whata re you waiting for? Sign up and enjoy!