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Here it is! The final master list!!!

Here it is! The final master list revealing every writer and artist who took part. I would like to thank everyone who participated whether it was writing, drawing or leaving reviews. However, gere’s a special thanks to:

loony4lupin, you stepped in for writing and luckily someone was assigned to draw a gift for someone who pulled out so you was able to get a gift. That’s odd--a pinch hitter who got a personal gift. That’s a rare thing :-)

randomisedhabit, I’m sorry that I had to give away your gift and had to reassign someone else to your giftee. I’m glad you understand the situation and now I know it wasn’t your fault. After all, due to problems with your connection, I couldn’t contact you and vice versa. Thanks for writing this for the group anyway.

caelbriar, you’re a goddess amongst artists. You drew some great art and I was able to give one specifically to a pinch hitter.


ll24ever wrote Make Love From War (Sirius/Harry) for pixystick

pixystick wrote A Sad Parody of the Past (Sirus/Harry) for noticeably

favorite_song wrote 476 (Sirius/Remus) for madam_minnie

madam_minnie wrote Impenetrable Bond (Sirius/Remus) for favorite_song

iheartbowie wrote Gladly Give It (Sirius/Snape) for sake1_1

sake1_1 wrote Three of Hearts (Sirius/Snape/Remus) for iheartbowie

loony4lupin wrote The Old, The New, and The Old But Fairly New Again (Sirius/Remus) for caelbriar

randomisedhabit wrote Glaciers Melting in the Dead of Night (Sirius!gen) for the group.

nashfan wrote Evil Has a New Name (Harry/?, Remus/?) for happi_feet

noticeably wrote Where do we go from here (tell me) (Remus/Sirius) for ll24ever

happi_feet wrote It All Comes Down to the Moon (Sirus/Remus, Sirius/James) for nashfan

krystal_moon (aka siriusdenialmod) wrote The Ghosts of Sirius’ Past (Sirius gen) for the entire group


caelbriar drew Now that I have you, I'm keeping you (Sirius/Remus) for loony4lupin

caelbriar drew Saving You (Sirius/Tonks/Kingsley) for the group

Oh and just for the record, I said I had pinched a line from a David Thewlis film for the fic: The Ghosts of Sirius’ Past. The answer is that the line from the fic can be found here.

If you got it right, have a cookie on me!

See you lot later. Hopefully, we’ll be back next year after learning a few lessons. I’m using what I’ve learned for my new fest: hp_wintersmut. Although the deadline for sign up has long gone, you can still join to watch (posts there will be friends locked due to the current witch hunt at LJ)

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