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Fic "Evil Has A New Name" for happi_feet

Author: nashfan
Recipient: happi_feet
Title: Evil Has A New Name
Ratings: Mild
Word count: 3,685
Pairings/Main Characters: Hp/??, RL/??
Warnings: Just a few surprises in store
Summary: What does the wizarding world do when a new threat immerges and Harry Potter is unable to help?

Chapter 1

Albus Dumbledore dropped the day’s Daily Prophet on the table in front of him. “There was yet another attack last night.”

“Where was it this time?” Ronald Weasley, the current Flying Instructor asked hesitantly.


“Dufftown? Dufftown. Why does that name sound familiar?” Hermione Granger, the Arithmancy Professor wondered out loud.

Minerva McGonagall thought for a moment. “Seems that I remember hearing about something happening there a few years ago. But that was before the Black Prince.”

“You mean…. You don’t think… “ Ron stammered.

“Oh, for Merlin’s sake, just spit it out, Ron.” Hermione said clearly exasperated.

“You don’t think He’s come back, do you?”

McGonagall looked amused. Dumbledore was smiling, while Hagrid laughed.

“Really, Mr. Weasley, and just how do you think it would be possible for an individual who was decapitated to manage an attack of this magnitude?” Severus Snape sneered.

The reign of terror of Tom Marvolo Riddle, otherwise known as Lord Voldemort, was brought to an end less than three years ago. Just a few months after graduation, Harry Potter was abducted and held captive. When the Order of the Phoenix was finally able to locate the Death Eaters’ hide out and storm it, they were shocked to find not only Harry, but Sirius Black as well. Seemingly, the spell that Bellatrix LaStrange had hit Sirius with was one that transported him to a dungeon cell in the same hide out they later found Harry in.

In the process of rescuing them, Sirius was killed by “friendly” fire, so to speak. Afterwards, the Headmaster claimed that he was trying to stop someone only he noticed coming up behind Black. Whatever the reason, it didn’t matter to Harry. Harry turned from the fight he was currently in to see a sight that he never recovered from. Sirius’ still form lying on the ground, his eyes wide open and unblinking, and the person responsible standing smiling over the body. It was too late by the time Harry reached his side. Ignoring the battles still going on around him, Harry took the man’s body in his arms and rocked back and forth in his grief. After a minute or two, Harry gently laid the beloved form back on the floor. As he stood, renewed determination filling every fiber of his being, he pulled his wand back out again and reentered the fight. Making his way across the room, his eyes were locked on one figure. He did not seem to care if he hurt friend or foe. Once he accomplished his goal of reaching that one specific figure, he did not hesitate. Out of his pocket, he pulled what at first glance looked to be a toothpick, but when enlarged turned out to be Godric Gryffindor’s sword. Without sparing a glance for anyone or anything, he swung it with all his might. When the fighting stopped, Lord Voldemort, lay in a puddle of his own blood, his body in two pieces. His head had been cut completely from his body. At least, now he’d be able to join the Headless Hunt that Sir Nicholas was denied every year. The only causalities, other than Voldemort, were Sirius and to a certain extent, Harry. For after it was all over with, Harry was never the same. His mind had snapped. Currently, he was at St. Mungo’s on the fourth floor in the Spell Damage ward.

The people in the Hogwarts Staff room were startled out of their thoughts by the sound of the door opening. Draco Malfoy, the Ancient Runes Professor, walked in. With a smirk sent his godfather’s direction, he sat down and in a bored voice asked. “So, what are we discussing now?”

Dumbledore told him, “There was another attack, Draco.”

“Really? And where was it this time?”

Hermione was the one who answered with “Dufftown.”

“That’s not far from here.”

With his words, Hermione realized exactly why Dufftown was so familiar. She looked around the room with a wild look in her eyes.

Minerva noticed and voiced her concern. “Are you alright, Hermione?”

Hermione shook her head. “I know why that name sounded so familiar. Ron, don’t you remember? During our third year, Dufftown was attacked.”

Ron thought back. He paled as he voiced his thoughts. “You don’t think…. Harry?”

It was Draco’s answering laughter that rang out. Pulling his wand from his pocket, he unshrunk a pensieve.

Severus raised an eyebrow. “You carry a pensieve with you?”

Still laughing, Draco put a memory in the bowl. But the laughter died the instant the memory hit the liquid. Tapping the bowl with his wand and whispering a few words, the memory began to play.

Draco was sitting at a table coloring in a Muggle coloring book. Harry was seated across from him intent on his own picture when he suddenly asked “Dwaco?”

Draco put his crayon down. “What is it, Harry?”

As the interlopers watched, a tear rolled down Harry’s cheek.

Draco scooted the chair over and wrapped his arms around the now shaking figure. “What’s wrong, Harry?” Harry didn’t answer, he just shook his head. “You can tell me anything, you know that.”

Harry looked at Draco, then looked down and whispered, “Why no one like me? Me bad?”

“Harry, listen to me. You are not bad. Sometimes, people get so busy in their lives that they lose track of what’s important, whether it’s something or someone. I will not let that happen to me. Look, see my watch?” Harry nodded. “What are the hands pointing to?”

Harry looked and read out loud, “Time….. visit…… Harry.” He looked at Draco in awe. “Wow.”

“I will always visit, Harry. I promise.”

The image faded from sight. The women in the staff room were sobbing as the men looked down in shame.

Now, Draco was angry. “When was the last time any of you visited him? In all the times I visited, I have never seen anyone in this room there. From what Harry has told me, I seem to be the only one to ever visit him.” Draco was getting angrier by the minute and the silence wasn’t helping to soothe his anger any. “I find it funny, really. Back in school, we were enemies. Now, it seems like I’m the only friend he has.” He sneered at Ron and Hermione as he continued. “Every day that I can’t visit, I worry. Is Harry all right? Is he eating? Is he being taken care of properly? I worry what would occur if something were to happen to me. Would anyone even bother to tell him why I couldn’t come to visit anymore? Or more importantly, would I be the last friendly face he ever saw?” With a final sneer at the room in general, Draco gathered up the pensieve, shrunk it, and left.

Chapter 2

In the coming weeks, Draco was more often than not still angry and constantly glaring at certain members of the staff. The attacks, which were bad already, became worse and worse. Remus went into the Forbidden Forest one night during the full moon and never returned. Severus seemed to become more and more agitated with each passing day until one day when he disappeared as well. Dumbledore took a page out of Molly Weasley’s book and had a clock made. Each of the staff members had a hand on it. Draco’s hand seemed to be staying on ‘Visiting Harry’ more and more each day.

Then, the Order of the Phoenix was informed that the Black Prince’s Dark Knights had found their headquarters and he would be sending his men to attack it. A trap was set and the Order unknowingly walked right into it.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when the Order first entered the building. Nothing, that is, until they walked into the kitchen and was astonished at the sight of what was to be the first of what was to be many surprises that day. Sitting serenely at the kitchen table with a twenty year old bottle of scotch and a couple of glasses in front of them were Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy. Of course, with Ron Weasley, old habits die-hard.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded harshly.

Draco glared at Ron, stood up, pulled his hand out of his pants pocket and slammed it down in front of Severus. “I hate it when you’re right,” he hissed as he stalked over towards the fireplace. When their attention was once again on the table, they noticed that laying on it was a bronze Knut.

“That should be obvious, Mr. Weasley. You have successfully walked into a cleverly laid trap. Congratulations.” Lucius said smoothly.

“I thought recognized your foul stench, Malfoy,” Tonks said, her nose turning up as if smelling something awful.

“What are you going to do with us?” Minerva asked through gritted teeth.

“Why, we’re going to bring you with us, of course.” Severus smirked.

Lucius made a motion with his hand and the rest of the men appeared from under the
Disillusionment Charm they were under. “Gentlemen,” he began. “If you would please, bring our guests.”

In no time at all, every wand belonging to the Order members were safely in the hands of the Dark Knights. A series of “Pop”s were heard and then the kitchen was empty of human life.

Chapter 3

They reappeared in a large room. Looking around, they noticed a raised platform with a throne-like chair on it. Off to one side was a plain looking door. Light from several wall sconces flickered, casting eerie shadows throughout the room. The coldness from the marble floor could be felt through the soles of the shoes everyone was wearing. A figure seated in the chair was flipping a coin up into the air, catching it, and then would flip it back into the air again, starting the whole process over and over again. After a minute or two, he acknowledged the returning Knights.

“Everyone all right, Severus?” the figure asked.

Upon arriving back in front of the Black Prince, Severus and the others immediately dropped to one knee.

From his kneeling position, Severus bowed his head as he answered, “Everything went according to your plan, Sire.”

“Arise, my friends,” (10 points to your house if you can tell me what movie that line is from.) the Black Prince commanded. “No injuries, then?”

Draco smirked as he answered, “No, Sire, however, I was tempted.”

A chuckle was heard. “Lost the bet, did you, brother?”

“It’s not fair! He cheated.” Draco pouted.

Their captive audience was surprised when the Potions Master laughed. “Well,” stated the Black Prince. “Severus isn’t Head of Slytherin House for nothing.” This might have continued had Lucius not coughed, drawing the Trio’s attention. Motioning with his eyes, Lucius quietly reminded them that they were not alone.

“Oh, I apologize. See, we are waiting on someone. Whenever he decides to show up, this discussion will continue.” The Black Prince resumed tossing the coin up in the air until fifteen minutes later when there was a loud screech and Fawkes, the phoenix appeared. He settled himself on the back of the Prince’s chair. “Hello, old friend.” The man said as he petted the bird. “Is that old coot on his way finally?” To the amazement of the Order of the Phoenix, the bird bobbed his head up and down seemingly agreeing with what was said. He was rewarded with a thorough petting.

Five minutes later, the large ornamental doors opened to reveal the Headmaster himself. He was surprised to see not only Fawkes but also two of his teachers – one of whom disappeared without a trace. As he walked into the room, Ron’s voice rang out, “You wouldn’t be doing this if Harry was here!” This statement caused the Elite Knights to laugh in amusement.

Between laughs, the Black Prince addressed his newest guest. “Please, Headmaster, join your people.”

“Didn’t you say you were worried about your face being the last friendly face Harry saw, Draco? What would he say if he knew you’d betrayed us like this?” Hermione asked sarcastically.

The laugher died in an instant. The coin the Black Prince had been tossing up fell to the floor with a clatter. It rolled over and over again only to hit the side of Ron’s foot and fall. Ron’s eyes widened as he looked down and recognized one of the D.A. galleons.

Acting as if he never noticed Ron’s reaction, Draco sneered at Hermione. “I betray you? That very statement is ludicrous.”

“We wouldn’t do this if Mr. Potter was here, Mr. Weasley? And just how would you know? When was the last time you spoke with the Boy – Who – Lived – to – Kill – He - Who – Must - Not – Be – Named? Too caught up in taking over for Madame Hooch, ai?” Ron’s face lost all color in a matter of seconds. “Oh, yes, I know all about that. You’ll be surprised at what I know. Took on a mountain troll and lived to tell the tale. Broke your wand in your second year. Just how long did it take to get that slug taste out of your mouth anyway? Third year, Hagrid had a Hippogriff that my brother, Draco, insulted. Fourth year, your jealousy caused you to turn your back on your friend Harry. Oh, and let’s Draco’s second favorite Professor, Dolores Umbridge. Shall I continue? No? Fine. Draco, would you be so kind as to retrieve my Galleon from the floor, please?”

“Where did you get that?” Ron demanded.

Severus glared at him. “You are in no position to be demanding things, Mr. Weasley.”

“It’s alright, Severus. I think I might just answer that question.”

Chapter 4

The Black Prince slowly got to his feet and made his way over to the captives. “It should have been pretty obvious. I’d thought that with one of the brightest witches to ever to graduate from Hogwarts looking into my identity, you’d have figured it out, but I guess not. So, without further adieu, ta da!” With one swift motion, the cloak that had been effectively keeping his identity hidden was gone and now standing before them was a tall, imposing figure. He was about six foot tall, was well-built and very tan. His black hair was loose, falling midway down his back. There were two things, however, that gave his identity away. One was his bright green eyes. The other was the scar that stood out in the middle of his tanned forehead. The lightning bolt was hard to mistake. The reaction from his audience was instantaneous. Some were standing in shock, while others were horrified. Ron, on the other hand, fainted, while Hermione stood vigorously shaking her head in denial.

“Sev, would you be a dear and revive Ron? I’d do it myself, but I’m too tempted to do more than that,” Harry asked coldly. Nodding, Severus revived the red head.

“No! You can’t….. But you defeated……..” Ron seemed unable to make complete sentences now.

“Yes, I can and I did. But what did you expect? Look at all the crap I’ve had to put up with in the past? Half the time, I was everybody’s friend. The other half if the time, I had people hating me or scared of me for one reason or another. And do you know what my breaking point was? No, not having any visitors at St. Mungo’s other than Draco. I wasn’t there for any longer than two weeks. If you had tried to visit, things might have turned out differently. But I digress. My breaking point came when I saw the great Albus Bloody Dumbledore standing over the body of my beloved Sirius with the most satisfied smile I had ever seen on his face.” Just talking about it hurt. Even though it had happened over three years ago, it still felt like it had just happened yesterday. It had taken a long time for his Elite to get him to the point where he no longer got teary-eyed talking about Sirius. A maniacal smile grew on Harry’s face as he suddenly had his wand out and pointed it the leader of the light. “Crucio” rang out.

“Stop it!” Hermione cried.

“It hurts to see, doesn’t it?” Harry asked.

“Really, Harry. How could you do that to the Headmaster? What would your parents have to say about your lover being someone they were friends with?” Molly Weasley questioned.

“Gee, Mrs. Weasley, I really wouldn’t know now, would I? Seeing as how they *DIED* when I was a baby!” Harry stated coldly.

“Since I am probably one of the only ones here who knew them best, I’ll take a guess. I’d have to say that they would have wanted their son to be happy. Who it was wouldn’t have mattered as long as that person took good care of Harry. And since it was Sirius who was able to do that, well, Lily and James both loved him anyway.” Remus Lupin declared as he walked confidently into the room from a side door.

Chapter 5

Cries of “Remus” rang out. Any hope that this would be back in their favor in no time was quickly dashed when the werewolf crossed the room and stood beside the chair Harry was sitting in.

“Take it off, Remus,” Harry growled through clinched teeth.

Raising an eyebrow that was oddly reminiscent of Severus, Remus asked, “Don’t you think they’ve had enough surprises for one day?”

The look on Harry’s face was one that clearly said, “Does it look like I give a damn?” “Drop it or else,” he said.

“Drop it, Remus,” came from Severus.

“Please, drop it,” came from Draco.

“You know how it makes you feel if you keep that damn glamour on for too long,” Lucius stated.

With a defeated sigh, Remus dropped the glamour and revealed another surprise to the people who thought he was missing. He was pregnant. A minute or two later, when Remus swayed on his feet, it was Lucius who was at his side in an instant. Draco laughed at the shock on many of the faces. Harry, on the other hand, watched thoughtfully as Lucius fussed over his expecting werewolf. He turned away with a dark expression on his face.

Chapter 6

Severus watched Harry’s disposition grew darker and darker. With a discrete cough, he caught the attention of the two Malfoys. Nodding, they briefly left the room, only to return seconds later with a tall box. Severus moved to stand directly in front of Harry. As he dropped to one knee, he had Harry’s full attention.

“Severus?” Harry asked. “What’s going on?”

“Sire, your Elite Knights have been working on a project for a while now. A gift really.”

Draco stepped to Severus’ side and bowed. “We wished to show our appreciation for everything you have done for us. But for the longest time, we could not agree on what to get for you.”

“Surprisingly, it was Draco who finally came upon the perfect gift, Sire.” Lucius said coming to stand with the other two. “Although, you might find yourself sharing it with Remus from time to time.” Smiling at his own cheek, Lucius floated the box to stand between Draco and himself. Seeing Harry pulling out his wand, Severus stopped him.

“It would be best if you did it by hand, Sire.”

Harry went towards the box and stopped when it moved. Now on his guard, Harry tore an opening near the top and saw a pair of eyes staring back at him. Harry’s own eyes widened in shock as he recognized exactly who was in the box. In the blink of an eye, Harry had torn the rest of the side off and disappeared inside. For several long minutes, no one moved. Finally, Harry emerged.

He looked at his most trusted and smiled. “I don’t know how you did it nor do I particularly care to know. However, you can rest assured, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Before he could continue, Ron was heard saying, “What heart? His is frozen.”

Several Dark Knights tensed, waiting for the explosion. The Elite Knights, however, were reaching for their wands, but were stopped as Harry walked over to the red head. “Know this, Weasley, from this day forward, each and every one of you no longer exist to me. Do not attempt to owl me. Do not speak to me.” He started to walk away, then stopped suddenly as if struck by spontaneous inspiration. “Wait, on second thought, I’ve got to share my gift with someone else while you’re still around. Afterwards, I want you out of my sight.” Harry walked back over to the box and reached his hand out. A few members of the Order of the Phoenix gasped as another hand grasped Harry’s outstretched one. Emerging from the darkness of the box was a very alive Sirius Black.

Sirius glanced around the room. His expression was one of confusion as he looked over the captives. He soon realized one person was missing. Looking around wildly, he took in the faces of those he recognized. Severus, Lucius, and then…. there he was. Remus, his best friend, one half the reason he was able to stay sane while in Azkaban. Sirius started towards his friend. “Remy,” he whispered.

Remus’ eyes began to water as he took in the sight of his oldest and dearest friend. As they looked at each other, never taking their eyes off one another, they closed the distance between them. The instant they touched, they wrapped their arms around the other and held on tightly. Several long minutes and several tears later, they broke apart.

Sirius held his friend out at arms length, as he looked him over. “Re, you’re pregnant,” he said amazement in every word.

Harry and his Elite couldn’t hold back the amused laughter from escaping.

“Can’t put anything pass you, can we?” Remus chuckled.

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